Our Beginnings

In 2000, Scott Powell and Dan Jones brought together a small core group of production professionals to draw up the business plan for a new kind of A/V company.  Having all come from large A/V providers (AVHQ, PSAV, ProLine), they knew what kind of company they did not want to be a part of: bureaucracy – no thank you; micro-management – nope; hiring under-qualified employees and putting them in mission-critical positions for our future clients – absolutely not.

Operating out of Scott’s garage, the boys sent out a van load of gear and covered shows in over 25 cities in three months.  The breakneck pace they set for themselves left no time for mistakes (or sleep).  But after three months, they earned enough capital to begin building what we know today as Gravity Productions.

We’ve spent the subsequent years growing into a world-class Production provider, with a positive attitude and unstoppable work ethic.

We look forward to bringing you into our family.